Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Anxiously awaiting Spring

It is Tuesday, March 25th and it is currently snowing.  Looking at the weather forecast, it should warm up by the weekend and I'm hoping this is our last snow for the season.

We're watching our calendar and waiting for the next good day to start seeds using the moon signs.  The first of April is showing as good signs so we'll start our seeds then.  I probably should have started them during the last good days but I wasn't ready.

I went out to work in the greenhouse this past weekend.  Princesses #1 & #2 helped me put locust bark down on the floor of the greenhouse to try and help with weed control.

TH has been spreading old horse manure on the garden area.  We have folks up our road that raise horses and they had an abundance of manure.  They even let him use their spreader so we have a nice layer of poo on the garden now.

The animals are doing well.  We did lose one chicken to what I believe was a stray dog.  It was on of our white chickens and I believe it was the one that laid green eggs so I'll miss that.  I'm ready for one of the hens to go broody so we can new chicks for this year.

Steak and Hamburger are still getting along well in their pasture.  Steak is getting mean though.  He likes to try and fight with TH's truck when he brings it into the field.  I try to not mess around in their field but will go over to give them feed in the barn occasionally.  He behaves himself in the barn as he wants that little bit of special feed he gets.

Bella and Karl are still coexisting.  Karl is teaching Bella bad habits though as they like to play the head butt game.  Bella outweighs Karl by a good bit now and can push him all over the field when she wants.  It's funny to watch from the house but not so fun when I go out to her and she tries to play with me that way.  We're considering getting rid of Karl and bringing in a donkey.  We'll wait and see what Spring brings.

Hope you all are having a great start to Spring and will have a productive year!