Friday, March 27, 2015

Garden Journal Entries

Every year I write in a journal to document which varieties of seeds I start.  Here is a page from this year's entries:
I have the date started, variety, number started, abbreviation used on the cup, and the seed source.  This has really helped over the years for looking back and seeing what worked well and what didn't do well.  It has lots of dirt stains since I write as I plant.  I love my little garden journal!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring 2015

Spring has sprung on the homestead and we've started turning our attention to getting the garden ready.  Hubbie has plowed the garden area and we are waiting to get someone with a 5' tiller to work up the soil more.

Hubbie also repaired our greenhouse for another year of service.  This poor greenhouse has been pieced back together numerous times but it's ready again!  This year he had to add a door as the zippered door came apart last year.

He also helped set up some better shelves for all my baby plants to rest on.  It's nice having extra room to work.

I bought some different soils at Lowes the other night.  There was top soil, mushroom compost, and garden soil.  The kids and I put some from each bag into a tote and then used their small hoe to mix it together.  

We started plants on 3/9/15 and they are coming up really well.  I had germination problems last year but this year things are going well!  We hope to be blessed with a great harvest all summer/fall long!

We have chinese cabbage, regular cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, melons, zucchini, squash, okra and brussel sprouts going so far!  We're trying lots of varieties of our favorite veggies to see what works well and some tried and true favorites.

The kids are really enjoying helping play in the dirt.  It's great having them by our side while we grow food!