Wednesday, July 4, 2012


The zucchini and squash harvest continues.  I've been sneaking it into almost every supper but we still have an abundance.  I sliced and shredded some yesterday to put in our dehydrator.
I sliced it, steam blanched it for 5 minutes, and then dehydrated it for several hours.  I think it was about 24 hours to get it to the brittle state.  (sorry for the pics, my camera and I were not getting along yesterday!)

I'm always amazed at how many veggies you can fit into a quart jar after dehydrating.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a yard sale today!  It was a bit of a drive but worth the trip.  I bought a new pocket knife, a cake container for two tier round cakes, and an old metal detector.  The metal detector is missing the battery cases so I've sent out an email hoping for someone to help me figure out which ones I need to make the detector usable again.  I figured for a dollar, I'd bring it home and tinker with it.

We keep putting off our bean picking.  We've finally gotten some rain which we desperately needed but has put us behind.  I hope to pull the peas at least today.

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