Friday, November 1, 2013

Remember our cow "Stupid"?

Yes, fall is upon us and Stupid is in the freezer.  We are very glad to have a freezer full of meat though it is always sad when one of the animals goes.

We took Stupid to a place that gives training to young folks on how to butcher cows, pigs, and deer.  It was an affordable option for us and let us support vocational training in our area.  They did an excellent job!  He was put down, hung for two weeks, butchered, vacuum sealed, and labeled.  We are very pleased!

Our other animals are doing well.  Bella is enjoying her pasture with Karl the goat.  Hamburger was moved over to the field with Steak when Stupid was taken off.  He thinks he is a big cow now and we're glad that the two of them are getting along so well.

The chickens have been turned out now that garden season has ended.  They are having fun chasing bugs and exploring.  It's always more interesting in the yard when the chickens are allowed to roam.  We had 5 new chicks hatch in September and they are all doing well with their mommas.

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