Saturday, April 12, 2014

Donkey Donkey

TH had been talking about wanting to get rid of our goat Karl and get a donkey.  We decided to put up an ad on Craigslist stating that we would like to trade our goat for someone's donkey.  A guy called and told us about his family's young donkey that they needed to get rid of due to breeding issues with a miniature donkey they had on premises and we worked out the logistics to make the trade.  He showed up on a Saturday on his way to our town's livestock auction and we swapped critters real quick.  Meet Donkey Donkey:
He's still suspicious of us but he learned very quickly the call for dinner.  Bella wasn't impressed at first and ran from him every time he got near that first night.  The two of them are big buddies now though.

We have started looking into having Bella bred.  We've decided to breed her with a miniature Jersey as she is a small girl and we want to make birthing as easy as we can for her.  We had a local gentleman that raises miniature jerseys out to help us with our cows and he said that Bella will grow more but agreed that miniature is the way to go for now. We will have to bring the vet out to give her a blood test and when she gets her clean bill of health, we'll make the final arrangements for her to meet her boyfriend.

I finally started my plants!  My peppers are still being stubborn and not wanting to germinate but they are always last to appear.  TH is prepping the ground as we plan to plant our taters and onions this upcoming weekend.

Hope all is going well for all of you this Spring!

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