Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Now that Spring has finally sprung, things are progressing at a blistering pace!  I went out today to snap some pictures of what's happening around the homestead.  You'll have to forgive all the weeds!  I have had every intention of getting out to weed but last week when it was nice, princess #1 and I were away from home and this week it won't dry out enough to get out there and really work!
TH and Princess #2 planted part of our tomato plants last week.  We had cages for most but some will still need to be staked and tied later.
Here are some pepper plants.  I'm hoping to gather enough grass mulch to lay between the tomatoes and peppers.
These are the plants still in the greenhouse.  The squash plants really need to be set out soon!

These are my Hopi Pale Gray plants.  I received my seeds from my homesteading hero Jackie Clay.  These seeds are extremely precious to me so I'm trying to take very good care of these plants.

The pears made it through the last few cold spells and it looks like we will have pears to can this year!
The older strawberry plants are covered with berries this year.  I hope to make a few runs of jam with what plants we saved when we re-worked the bed.
The new strawberry plants have taken root well and will be producing well next year we hope!
TH & THB have been busy getting firewood ready for this winter.  TH considers firewood an all year project and is always happy to bring another truckload home.
Bella is growing well.  She is really enjoying being in her new field.  We like having her close so there are lots of ear scratches and pets to be had.  She is becoming a super sweet girl.
Frank is well and trying to stay out of trouble the best he can.

We'll see what the weather holds for us this week and I hope to have the weeding started soon!  I won't be able to find my onions if they get much bigger!

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