Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Peat Pellets, Peppers, & Patience

I had read for a few years about starting garden plants using peat pellets.  I looked at some one year but could not understand how anything could grow in such a little pellet.  However, after reading more on the subject, I learned you must allow the peat pellets to soak in water and they expand.  It's similar to the souvenir washcloths you buy at the beach that have been compressed into fun shapes...but with dirt.

I bought 30 peat pellets at a local garden supply shop to bring home and begin my experiments.  TH bought  a small 6x8 greenhouse last year but we never had the opportunity to put it up.  This year he has promised that it will be put up in time to start our own tomatoes, peppers, and other plants.

Peppers are the first thing I'm starting.  My chosen varieties for this planting are:  Marconi, CA Wonder, Pepperocini, and Ashe County Pimiento.  I soaked the pellets, added my seeds, placed the completed pellets in a re-purposed plastic meat tray, put the tray in a plastic bag, and seated the tray on top of the refrigerator where it will be warm and out of the princesses' reach.  I'm a little concerned that it will be difficult to keep the varieties separated until planting but I've drawn a diagram in my gardening notebook and labeled the tray L & R to try and avoid any confusion.
This will be my fifth year trying to start my own plants.  Previously, I have ended up with tall, spindly plants that die horrible deaths.  Hopefully, with the change in planting medium and the addition of the greenhouse, we will be able to provide at least a portion of our own plants.  Come on spring!!!

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  1. Good luck in your beginnings of garden arrangement! Peat pellets are really helping, if to share my own experience!