Monday, February 20, 2012

TH's Ingenuity

TH was tired of wrestling with the calves so he used his "I-Can-Build-That" super power and fashioned a wooden box that the two buckets could be placed in and not knocked over during feedings.  This has led to a couple of discoveries:

1.  You can give a calf a bucket but you can't make it drink.  They really have done pretty well with the bucket feedings but they still have that overwhelming natural instinct to buck their head and drink with their heads pointed upward.  We considered using bottles but because the lady we purchased them from had been using buckets, we thought it best not to switch them back and forth.

2.  If you leave your bucket, your milk is up for grabs.  Steak has realized that when Stupid decides to go off bucking his head, he can sneak into his bucket and get some big gulps down before Stupid comes back.  Steak is the smaller of the two but if this trend continues, I foresee him having a growth spurt!  Steak has also learned that if he sticks his tongue in Stupid's ear, Stupid runs away leaving his bucket unguarded.

3. As with Pavlov's dogs, calves very quickly learn that the sound of the barn door opening likely means a meal is soon to follow.  Steak and Stupid can recognize the sounds of us approaching and immediately jump up and start balling.  It is a great sound to hear them up and about as it means they are still hanging in there.

Yesterday, the princesses got to go with us to the barn to meet Steak and Stupid. They thought the calves were cute but were more interested in the huge snowflakes falling outside.  It was a fantastic day!

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