Friday, February 24, 2012

Pics From The Barnyard

Everything has been pretty calm this week.  Steak is having some issues as we found out we were given the wrong medicine and had been treating for pneumonia rather than scours.  We now have the correct medicine and have been giving some electrolytes to try and perk him back up.  Stupid is doing excellent and is really thriving.

I thought I'd share some pictures from the barnyard:

This is our rooster Roy and some of his hens.  You can see a young rooster sulking in the background.  He needs a home if anybody is interested!
This is Flurry.  She is our first livestock birth on the farm and is the sweetest little doeling.
This is Flurry and her mother Snowball.  I love the expression on Snowball's face.
This is our doe Bunny.  She thinks she is the queen of the barnyard and she's always in everybody's business.
This is our wether Karl.  He's a big baby and always looking for a scratch on the head or a treat.

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