Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Greenhouse Is Up!

I am so excited!  TH and I worked on a sunny afternoon to put up our little greenhouse.  It is 6x8 but is a little taller as TH placed and anchored it on top of railroad ties.

I'm a little concerned about my pepper germination rates.  Out of 8 seeds planted, only 3 came up.  I've started carrying them out to the greenhouse during the sunny hours and have restarted the pepper varieties again.  I'm starting more of each variety this time to ensure I have enough come up.  I am also adding some jalapenos, hot hungarian wax, and cayenne peppers.  I had forgotten about hot peppers but thankfully I had bought some hot pepper seeds during last year's clearance sales.  I prefer to buy my seeds from companies like My Patriot Supply or Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds but I always grab some cheap seed packets when I see them discounted to $.10 and below.  It was great to have them on hand so I could plant them last minute.  I encourage everyone to plant heirloom varieties so that you can save your own seeds for future years.

I'm only two entries into my gardening journal and I've already got eraser shavings all over it.  Hope to have even more as the year progresses and plans change for the better.

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  1. I always put my pepper seed pots/flats on heating pad...just a regular Walmart one works fine. They need alot of heat to start; then can grow at a cooler temp. If you try this the ones you think aren't growing may still come up. You can also spout pepper seeds on damp paper towel in plastic bag. Be sure to open bags daily as the spouting seeds need fresh O2. Also, some cheap paper towels actally inhibit spouting so Bounty is actually the recommend type to buy. I just learned this recently. We've had a home greenhouse for years but still learning. Easier to pamper the few picky seed than to try to heat a greenhouse up for them. DEE