Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Springing forward.

Things are warming up and looking lively on the ole homestead.  Both calves are growing and doing well.  Steak seems to have survived his bout with scours and is enjoying the pasture during the day.  Flurry, our baby goat, is a ball of energy and provides lots of entertainment.  The chickens are as grouchy as ever and it is apparent that the daughter of our broody hen has a lot of her momma's dna.  She's even more hateful than her mom.

My pepper plants are coming along.  I have moved them out to the greenhouse though I check the forecast every day to make sure night time temperatures won't dip low enough to harm the small plants.  Yesterday, the princesses helped me plant a small lettuce and chive bed inside the greenhouse.

I started my tomato seeds a few days ago.  The varieties I have chosen for this year are:  Super Sioux, Mortgage Lifter, Arkansas Traveler, Paquebot Roma, and German Pink.  Hopefully, in a few days I'll have some baby maters popping up in their pellets.

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