Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring is in full force here on the farm.  The plants in the greenhouse are really doing well.  I'm very happy with the way they are growing using the Styrofoam cups.

We went to the local farm supply store to buy our seed potatoes yesterday.  They were out of the usual brand of kennebecs we buy so we had to buy a different brand that they aren't too sure how it will grow here.  I'm hoping that they will do good as our fall potato harvest is always depended on.  We also bought 15 pounds of  red seed potatoes as they are my favorite for summer-fresh-out-of-the-garden eating.  

Along with the potatoes, we also bought a couple pounds of onion sets.  We'll be planting red and white onions this year.  We use a lot of onions in our cooking so having fresh onions on hand is wonderful.

The animals are all doing well.  I am expecting a hatch of chicks next Tuesday from one of our crazy, broody hens.  She had done pretty well sitting seeing as this is her first time trying.  Her mother is usually our broody hen but this one decided to give it a try and we are more than willing to let her.

We have added a new member to the family.

Meet Frank.  Franklin "Frank" is a 7 week old boxer pup.  I have wanted a boxer for several years now.  I had a boxer mix years ago that we adopted from the animal shelter and she was one of my favorite dogs of all time.  After researching breeds and patiently waiting for an affordable price, we decided to add him to our family.  I hope he will be a friend to the princesses and a helpful set of eyes and ears for TH and I.  He is super friendly and sweet and we will be making sure he has an opportunity to be socialized well.  We plan for him to accompany us as much as possible so that we get that great bond that boxers are known for.

Hopefully, I'll have some planting pictures to share with you when the conditions are right to plant our potatoes and onions!

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