Saturday, April 28, 2012

Got Rain?

We definitely got rain this week.  It rained almost every day.  The onions have starting popping up in the garden and that is always a good sign!  The downside to all the rain is that I haven't gotten to work in the garden much.  I did make it out today to plant the last of the onions, carrots, and beets.

I thought I was done planting onions but a lady on a forum I frequent had received extra onions in an order and was told rather than send them back, to share them.  I was very excited to try a different variety and chose Red Zeppelins. They are said to be excellent keepers but they are primarily a long-day variety and we fall under the intermediate-day zone.  I decided to go ahead and give them a try to see how the bulb here.  I'm excited at the prospect of a long-keeping red onion.

I had forgotten how few carrot seeds come in a pack so it took me a few packs to make half a row of carrots. I had received some parisienne carrots from Baker Creek as a bonus in an order.  They are supposed to be a good variety to grow in hard soil so I am hopeful that they will do well in our rocky garden.

The chicks are growing everyday.  They can fit through the chicken pen and worry the mama hen continuously by wandering out on their own.  They have learned to steer clear of the older hens and seem to be fitting in well.

The goats are as ornery as ever.  TH had to run an electric fence around the chicken pen to keep the goats from pushing the fence in and destroying it.  It took a few jolts for them to realize what was happening but they now know to leave the chicken pen alone.

The plants in the greenhouse are doing well.  I'm anxious to get the squash plants set out as they can become root bound and I do not want transplant shock to cost us our plants.  I have big plans for squash/zucchini/onion omelets!

Frank is growing big.  He eats continuously and is always looking for mischief.  He and the girls have a great time.  Princess #2 and he especially like to get into trouble together.

We are hoping for a good gardening week this week!

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