Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Waiting for the right dates

We continue to await proper planting days.  According to the Almanac, the next day to plant will be Thursday. I am hoping to plant the majority of our garden Thursday afternoon.  My plants are needing to go out soon and I'm excited to finish filling out the garden area.

I've not counted how many plants will actually be going out into the garden but will be keeping track as I map out what variety went where and what part of the garden is dedicated to that item.  Our tomatoes will be planted too closely for keeping pure seed.  I hope after seeing which varieties do the best, next year I can focus on those varieties and do more to keep my seed pure.

TH has agreed to let me use an old metal swing set frame to use as a growing trellis for the cucumbers.  We'll place the swing set frame in the garden and then I will plant around it.  As the season progresses, I'll add more strings and directions for the vines to go.  I hope to keep the cucumbers off the ground and encourage good growth.  If this goes well, I may be out searching for old swing set frames!

We are going to continue our rows veggies next to the potatoes and onions and then the gourds and squash will be allowed to run throughout the other section of garden.  TH is planning on planting quite a bit of Hickory King Corn for use as feed and milling for corn meal.  We are still using corn meal from a few years ago and it makes really good corn bread.

TH and THB worked very hard to get the cow's pasture fence finished.  TH was able to turn the cows out into the pasture last week and they are enjoying more space to graze.  This pasture also provides them with a steady source of fresh water which is nice since TH no longer has to carry buckets of water to them.  It took a lot of hard work to clean the fence lines out enough to replace the old fence and have it capable of containing two juvenile cows.

We hope to have lots of garden pictures to share later this week!

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