Friday, May 4, 2012

Made it to the Garden!

We finally made it out to plant yesterday.  TH and I were hoping for good weather Thursday and we were able to get our beans, peas, tomatoes, peppers, squash, and muskmelons in the ground.

We planted a few different types of beans.
Green Beans:  Blue Lake & 1/2 Runners
Dry Soup Beans:  Cherokee Trail of Tears, Jacob's Cattle, and Shellies
Peas:  I'm not sure but I think they were Wandos.  I don't know why I hadn't labeled them.

Given our different varieties being planted so close together, I won't be able to save pure seed but we wanted to have a nice variety to put away for winter.  I have some pure seed set back and after we see which did the best here, we'll be able to focus on that type later.

I did have a series of mishaps yesterday during our plating session.  The first mishap served as a reminder to always let the person you're working with know if you are directly behind them.  TH was planting a row of peas with our garden seeder and when he started, I was still writing in my garden journal.  As soon as I was done, I started covering his row behind him.  He didn't know I had moved and came across a piece of wood in his row.  He slung it behind him and didn't get a warning called out in time for me to move.  I took a nice whack in the leg but after we laughed and I growled a bit, we kept going.
The next mishap came from getting overheated.  I didn't think it was that hot out but all of the sudden, I became ill and had to go in for a bit.  I stayed in to recover and TH used his "I-Can-Keep-Going" super power to pick up my slack and kept planting.  He did a fantastic job getting the plants in nice straight rows.  He really is a wonderful hubbie!

The last mishap of the night came when I decided to go put the chickens up for the evening.  I stepped out to our screened-in back porch to put on a pair of shoes.  I didn't look down when I went out on the porch and 
stepped on a hornet.  Those things hurt like the dickens!  I had been stung by bumble bees on the bottom of the foot before but that hornet sting really hurt!  My foot throbbed for hours after that though it didn't swell up like the bumble bee stings did.

After the bee sting, I told TH that I gave up and was going in for the rest of the night before I really hurt myself.  He just laughed and used his "Sun-up to Sun-down" super power to mow the yard before turning in.  We had leftover gumbo for supper but I had made a bowl of home-made, from scratch banana pudding so that was a nice treat after a bad afternoon.

We were hopeful for some rain last night but didn't get any.  TH had to use the sprinkler to give the new plantings a good drink.  Hopefully, we'll be able to finish our planting Saturday.

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