Friday, May 11, 2012

I hadn't planned on going to any yard sales today.  However, last night as I ran to town for an errand, I noticed a yard sale sign at the end of our road.  I decided that if the princesses were in pleasant moods, we would ride up the road this morning to take a look.  I am very glad I did!

I absolutely adore cast iron cookware and was very excited to get these two pieces.  The little skillet is an 8" Wagner Ware Sydney pan.  This is my first Wagner Ware and though it is rusted and has some buildup, it shouldn't take too much to bring it back into service.  The larger pan is unmarked but I'm pretty sure it's a Lodge.  I bought it because it has deep sides and I don't have a deep sided cast iron pot other than my dutch oven.  It is in nice shape and after a seasoning, should be good to cook in.  The third item pictured is a Foley Food Mill.  I normally use my Victorio Strainer for tomatoes and the such but I like having the option of a food mill and picked this one up at a good price.  All together my purchases cost $9.  I almost had a draw knife but the gentleman decided he wasn't ready to part with it after all and I couldn't blame him one bit.  My search for one of those continues! 

I am so glad I decided to check out that yard sale!

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