Sunday, April 8, 2012

Colorful Weekend

Saturday was more eventful than I had planned.  In addition to learning to farm, my other hobby is sweepstaking.  Last year I had won a butterfly garden to be installed by a professional landscaper.  I had never even heard of a butterfly garden but I was excited none the less.  The gentleman had been out a couple of times to plan the location and roundup the area to be used.  Yesterday, he and one of his workers came out to plant the butterfly garden.

When he was finished, he told me that all we had to do was water it and that in 4 months, you wouldn't be able to see the mulch anymore from the plants spreading out.  I'm excited to see the butterfly garden when it is in full bloom!

The princesses love to color eggs every year.  I was going to use the eggs from our chickens but TH insisted that I buy a dozen from the grocery store so the colors would be prettier.  The colors are much prettier on white eggs and store bought eggs are much easier to peel because they are much older than the eggs I collect from our chickens.  The princesses had a great time!
Princess #1 is insisting that we have an Easter egg hunt this afternoon.  If it warms up a bit, we'll get to go outside and play as there is no way I am hiding real eggs in the house.

We had to bring our plants in again last night and it appears we will be doing so for the next week.  Lows are forecast to be in the low to mid thirties every night.  
I had to put the plants on top of the chest freezer in the pantry to keep Princess #2 from picking them for me. It is much too big a temptation to leave plants within her reach.

I hope everyone has a blessed Easter!  God has blessed us so much and we are very thankful!

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