Monday, April 16, 2012

Waiting For Rain

It has been a beautiful couple of days here on the farm. We would love to see a little rain in the forecast though.
This pic is of the area we hope to see onions growing soon. They are forecasting some rain tonight or tomorrow and we will be very happy to see it!

I managed to get flogged last night by the crazy momma chicken. She did not like me trying to HELP her and her babies back into the coop to be locked up for the night. I was carrying a stick though as I figured she'd come at me. After TH finished laughing, he came out to the chicken yard with a broom to help me corral her and the chicks.
I took the camera out to the coop with me tonight and snapped this picture of the momma hunkered down with her chicks. She's in the corner because that's where her shelter usually is. I had moved it out to the pen because I thought she might have trouble getting into the coop again and put her shelter out there.  I managed some bravery and stuck her box back in the coop but kept my distance.
The other chickens were watching all this unfold from their roost.  They keep their distance when craziness takes place in the chicken yard.  Roy, our rooster, will come out and see why his hens are upset though he usually just fusses about it.

The plants in the greenhouse are doing well.  The plants that TH started the other evening have started to come up.  These are Marketmore cucumbers.

The older tomato and pepper plants are doing well.  I'm still trying to get just the right watering method down so that I don't have dry spots along with drowned plants.

We received an order of seeds today from My Patriot Supply.  These are the veggie seeds to fill in the holes we had in our seeds for the year.  I love the way they package their seeds.  They are in re-closeable bags that can stored for longer periods if needed.  TH had also ordered a medicinal herb garden.  It came sealed in a nice metal can.  TH has to find a good place to plant these so they can stay undisturbed and come back year after year.

Most of the seeds we received today are to be direct sown after the last frost.  We need to make a map out to plan where everything is going to go.

Speaking of seeds, the winner of our seed giveaway has been chosen, contacted, and their seeds went out to TX in the mail today!  Thank you all for participating and we hope to host a few more giveaways in the future!

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