Thursday, June 7, 2012

Almost ready for squash!

Our squash plants have little baby squash growing on them.  I was hoping that a good rain this week would make it possible to start eating them next week but I'm not so sure now.  We've had several overcast days but no more than a drizzle as far as rainfall goes.  We are all anxiously awaiting our first meal with fresh squash and zucchini!

We were given some hay bales from some very kind friends this week.  TH and THB went to pick them up using his car hauler trailer.  During moving the bales from the trailer to the barn, TH lost some of the hay and left it there for me to glean for the garden.  Now, mulching with hay is usually a big no-no as it can introduce weed seeds to a garden but our garden is situated in a middle of a weed field and we have no hope of preventing weed seeds.  I mulched around a few pepper plants that didn't get placed in the shade cloth and around my pumpkin plants.  I hope the pumpkins will grow wildly around their section and flourish.

I had bought a large lot of canning jars from an estate sale recently and just finished boxing them up.  I had seen an ad on Craiglist for the jars but they were a little overpriced for my budget.  I called and left a message that while I knew they were asking a certain amount, if they were unable to sell them at that price, I would give them a lesser amount.  The gentleman called back within two hours and said they would be happy to accept my offer and to come on over to get them.  We loaded boxes upon boxes of jars.  We had taken the seats out of our van and still it was a tight fit.  The ride home made me a bit nervous.  We had a van full of glass jars and over 40 miles to travel.  
I don't have room to keep the jars in the house so we store them in an outbuilding.  I label each box with what type of jar is inside so I can find what I need quickly once canning season gets rolling.

The guineas are still doing well.  TH is using his carpentry super power to build a house for them.  We hope to move them out of the garage within a couple of weeks.

Hope you all are having a great week!

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