Friday, June 8, 2012

Time to bring out the sprinklers.

Yesterday was a good day around the farm.  I had ordered Homestead Blessings:  The Art of Making Bread from one of my favorite online stores  I started watching the dvd at 9:00 am and by noon, I had a pan of cinnamon rolls in the oven.
They rose very well and tasted great!  I used half white flour and half freshly ground wheat.  You can definitely taste a difference.

Later in the evening, TH and I worked out in the garden.  He did most of the work as I still needed to fix supper and didn't get out that way until later.  He decided to go ahead and hook up a sprinkler as there is no rain in the immediate forecast.
I found this sprinkler new in the package at a yard sale yesterday afternoon.  We did have some water pressure issues to begin with.  The sprinkler got stuck in one position and caused a wee bit of flooding in one part of the garden.  Other than that, we were pleased with the new sprinkler's reach.

I worked on the cucumber climbing trellis.  We had an old metal swing set frame the TH was going to scrap but I asked him to let me try growing cucumbers on it.  I have tied several strings around and through it to give plenty of climbing directions.  The first string I used was the brown twine but after seeing how brittle and frail it is, I have added a second set of string with a white poly string.
TH offered to remove the last swing part but I told him it adds more character.  The shade cloth is working very well.  We still need to till between the rows but our vines growing out of the cloth are growing well.

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