Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The garden continues to provide fresh veggies for our suppers.  I've already begun to sneak squash and zucchini into dishes that you normally wouldn't see them in.
The tomatoes are coming in though they are all still green.  I hope to have lots of tomatoes to can since we planted so many tomato plants.  TH says I need to pick my favorite two varieties and do only those next year but I love seeing how the different types grow.
We are having to approach our guinea situation differently than first planned.  Since five of the original six seem to be lost forever, we let our remaining guinea named "Doodle" bunk with the chickens.  He was caught after being spotted running across the backyard two days after the great escape.  He somehow manages to get out of the chicken yard and always lets me know that he's out and about.  He is a noisy little creature but we like him.  We bought a dozen guinea eggs to sneak under our hateful ole broody hen.  She started sitting and within two days, I was able to get the guinea eggs.  Guinea eggs take 25 to 28 days to hatch as opposed to the normal 21 days for chicken eggs.  I'm hopeful that the momma hen will stick with it hatch us out a chorus of guinea babies.  We know they will still wander but hopefully being raised by one of our chickens, they'll have a better understanding of where home is.

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